Arrive Home to a Space You Love.

Enhance your daily homecoming with a functional and organized garage!

Is your garage the first space you see when you come home? Does it welcome you with order, or remind you of endless "spring cleaning"? Imagine a space that not only stores your belongings but welcomes you with style and efficiency.

Primo Garage specializes in transforming garages from cluttered to classy. With durable, easy-to-clean flooring in over 100 colors and sleek, semi-custom cabinets, we make every inch count. Our smart storage solutions like overhead racks and slatwall systems keep everything neatly organized.

Open your garage door to a space that's not just organized but a true extension of your home. Let Primo Garage help you turn your garage into a highlight of your home that you're proud to come home to.

Welcome Home to a Transformed Garage

Step up your garage game with our top-notch flooring systems, built tough to handle whatever you throw at them! Whether you're parking your prized possessions or perfecting your power tools, our stylish and durable surfaces have got you covered. Take your pick from a variety of materials and designs to match your unique preferences and needs. Don't settle for subpar flooring – upgrade to excellence with us today!

Garage Flooring

Having Primo Garage install garage cabinets provides you with expertly designed, custom-fitted storage that optimizes space efficiency, enhances the visual appeal of your garage, and offers durable organization solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Garage Cabinets

Primo Garage GearPrimo Garage Gear

Primo Garage Gear

Check out our line of Primo Garage Gear. Order up your Swag at the link provided here to represent Primo Garage.

Garage Lighting

So, you've got a garage that's less "showroom chic" and more "where-did-I-put-that-thing" chaos. Enter LED Hex lighting to save the day! With these sleek and stylish lights from Primo Garage, your space will transform into a beacon of organization and functionality. Sure, they won't magically turn your Pinto into a Ferrari, but hey, at least your garage will look like it belongs to someone who knows where the hood release lever is. Say goodbye to dimly lit confusion and hello to a garage that's as impressive as your dreams of owning a sports car – even if you're still rocking the hatchback.

Primo Hex LED Garage Lights
Primo Hex LED Garage Lights
garage floor in stoney creek flake jacksonvillegarage floor in stoney creek flake jacksonville

Tired of your garage resembling a cluttered obstacle course? Let us work our magic! Our full design-build storage solutions are like a fairy godmother for your space, banishing chaos and bringing order with custom slatwall sections and heavy-duty overhead racks that can handle even your most "treasured" possessions (yes, even that vintage pogo stick collection). Say goodbye to garage gridlock and hello to smooth sailing.

Garage Storage

Overhead Garage Storage RacksOverhead Garage Storage Racks
Here's what our customers say

High Praise for Primo Garage - Review by Hague P.

"I chose Primo Garage for their fresh approach and was blown away by the results. They transformed my garage into a dual-purpose space, perfect for my home office and still functional as a garage in the evenings. The professionalism and knowledge of their crew were impressive, making the whole process enlightening and enjoyable. Highly recommend Primo Garage for anyone looking to upgrade their garage space!"

Our Garage Transformation - A Review by Alyssa W.

"Expecting just a tidy space, what Primo Garage delivered for our garage makeover truly made it feel like we moved into a new home! They expertly handled everything from the flooring to the installation of custom cabinets and slatwall systems, transforming our garage beyond my wildest expectations. Every step showed their commitment to quality and detail, making the entire space not just organized but beautifully integrated with our home. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to enhance their living space."

Exceptional Service from Primo Garage -

Review by Dan R.

"After several larger companies turned down my one-car garage project for being too small or quoted unreasonable prices, I found Primo Garage. They were quick to provide a fair, detailed estimate and educated me on the best options without any high-pressure sales tactics. I chose their moisture vapor barrier and polyaspartic topcoat system, perfect for Florida’s humidity. Primo Garage's approach was refreshingly honest and straightforward, resulting in a top-quality floor that exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended for their integrity and professionalism."

Primo Garage Scores Big - Review by Jess B.

"Our garage floor was in rough shape with peeling DIY epoxy until we met Jesse from Primo Garage. He transformed our space into a vibrant show of Jacksonville Jaguars pride with custom 'Everbank' flake colors on a durable black base. The professional finish and team-themed decor now make our garage a standout to our home. Opting for Primo Garage’s expertise over another DIY was a game-changer for us—easy, professional, and perfectly matched to our vision.

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