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Ready to give your garage a makeover that'll have your neighbors green with envy? Look no further than Primo Garage – your go-to destination for garage renovations in Jacksonville, FL. Say farewell to the days of settling for a lackluster garage and hello to a space that's as organized and stylish as you are (well, almost). With our top-notch flooring systems, storage solutions that'll make even Marie Kondo proud, and lighting options that'll have you feeling like you're in a Hollywood studio, we've got everything you need to turn your garage dreams into reality.

garage floor in stoney creek flake jacksonville
garage floor in stoney creek flake jacksonville

Step up your garage game with our top-notch flooring systems, built tough to handle whatever you throw at them! Whether you're parking your prized possessions or perfecting your power tools, our stylish and durable surfaces have got you covered. Take your pick from a variety of materials and designs to match your unique preferences and needs. Don't settle for subpar flooring – upgrade to excellence with us today!

Flooring Systems

Tired of your garage resembling a cluttered obstacle course? Let us work our magic! Our full design-build cabinet solutions are like a fairy godmother for your space, banishing chaos and bringing order with custom slatwall sections and heavy-duty overhead racks that can handle even your most "treasured" possessions (yes, even that vintage pogo stick collection). Say goodbye to garage gridlock and hello to smooth sailing.

Storage Solutions

Primo Garage GearPrimo Garage Gear

Primo Garage Gear

Check out our line of Primo Garage Gear. Order up your Swag at the link provided here to represent Primo Garage.

Garage Lighting Options

So, you've got a garage that's less "showroom chic" and more "where-did-I-put-that-thing" chaos. Enter LED Hex lighting to save the day! With these sleek and stylish lights from Primo Garage, your space will transform into a beacon of organization and functionality. Sure, they won't magically turn your Pinto into a Ferrari, but hey, at least your garage will look like it belongs to someone who knows where the hood release lever is. Say goodbye to dimly lit confusion and hello to a garage that's as impressive as your dreams of owning a sports car – even if you're still rocking the hatchback.

Primo Hex LED Garage Lights
Primo Hex LED Garage Lights
Primo Garage transformed my garage into a functional and organized space. The flooring system is top-notch and the storage solutions are perfect for keeping everything in its place. Highly recommend!

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